Opportunity does not knock

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“Opportunity does not knock. It presents itself when you beat down the door.” – Eric Taylor

My friends know that I do not half-ass things. And just as well, because what really gets done in life if we don’t “whole-ass” things? I love what I love, and I invest in it deeply. In the game of life, “all-in” is the only move I know- to a flaw.

But I am not completely naive. My passions run deep, but I realize we cannot live off of principle. It is increasingly hard to eat over time. And each time it is not enough, I learn something from that experience.

The story of Mike Merrill (aka IPO Man) continues to intrigue me in 2015. Whether we are traded on the open market or not, we are constantly on sale- bought, held, or sold. Perception, while it may not be reality, is very much a real thing. Like stocks, I know personal capital ebbs and flows with circumstance. To those that continue to stick with me, I can only offer my deepest gratitude and commitment to uphold and reward that trust. You never have to doubt that my legs will be pumping, striving to move and fall forward. If I flame-out, it will at least be entertaining.

Our lenses are so small. Case in point, I sometimes struggle with my two boys. Even a trip to the market can be an ordeal. Recently, it dawned on me that my grandmother had to trek across a war-torn country with three children. That really helps put things in perspective.

Perspective is an oddly therapeutic and sobering thing. My father at 35, with two kids in tow, decided to leave his home and immigrate to the United States. I was on the tail-end of that decision, but only now that I am 35 with two kids do I fully appreciate that decision. No matter what the motivations were, I can at the very least appreciate just how disruptive and exciting that choice may have been.

On that note, the dawn of a new year offers a much needed opportunity to reset. And I shall embrace it.


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