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It’s been about 2 years since I transitioned from the World Bank to my current position at Humanity United. It was not easy for me to take a break from fields I remain passionate about (international development, transparency, data, etc), but I have enjoyed learning and the deep dive into new issues (forced labor, migration, […]

2017… thoughts on curiosity and discovery

As a child, I used to lament that I was born in an era when much of the world had already been “discovered.” All the continents had been mapped. There were no foreign lands to set foot on for the first time. As an adult, I have found that it is taking the curious approach […]

Passing through- summer has come and gone

There used to be a point in my life when I wrote something every single day. I miss that guy. I miss that life. Where did those words go? Did they quietly escape? Or were they never formed?

The Next Leg of My Journey – Humanity United

It’s been quite an eventful month. After four years at the World Bank, I officially joined Humanity United, a part of the Omidyar Group. Thirty intense days later, I have found a quiet moment to reflect on what drove me to HU and what excites me about the path ahead.   Big Challenges Require Big […]

Recap: Open Data Day 2015- Washington DC

February may be the shortest month of the year, but for Open Data enthusiasts around the world, February holds our biggest hopes and offers signs of a burgeoning international movement. On Open Data Day (Feb 21) almost 200 global locations (browse #OpenDataDay for a flavor) held events celebrating Open Data through skills-building, networking, and use to […]